Power school Portal for cell phones

Southwest Horizon School DivisionParent APP Information

PowerSchool has a new APP available for Mobile devices. This is free of charge. In the APP Store, search for PowerSchool.

After you download the APP, you have to enable the APP for our school division. After setting it up, the APP will automatically connect to your account and school.

To set up the APP you must first fill in our District Code on your newly downloaded PowerSchool APP.

District Code: DRGT Hit: Submit


Fill in your username:

Fill in your password:


The APP will load on the dashboard page, which displays marks and attendance. Next click on the bars at the bottom of your screen. These option links will show the different pages you can view.

If you wish to receive emails from your child's PowerSchool account, click on Email Alerts. You can choose the type of message you wish to receive and when.